Pay 0% Commission on all Online Orders with us just from £10 per month.

Take control of your online orders & marketing. Why pay a large commission for each order when the energy bill, food, and the wage are paid by you?

We do not believe in paying high commission to receive an online order. Your hard earned money should be invested in your business instead of paying the commission and having more money in your pocket.

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Order 2 EAT is emerging as a forward thinking digital hub for the restaurant and takeaway business in
the UK. This is a fast growing company which started operating since September 2016.

Our priority is to help you grow and sustain your takeaway business on the digital platform at a more
affordable price.

Restaurant owner

Use our FREE Table Booking System for your Restaurant. It’s easy to use system and completely
FREE from ORDER 2 EAT with no end date. You can self manage your booking, set to auto confirmation
or manual confirmation and chat with your customers.

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We can give you FREE tips on how to get more booking and run speical event ads for Eat in Offers.
To sign up, just need your email & business address. You do not need to give your name or sign in any contract.

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Our clients are the most important to us, that's why we listen to
their suggestions. This is why Be is even better every day.

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Thank you for visiting our website. Our aim is to work with you long-term in an honest and transparent way.

As a growing business, we would like to provide you with an opportunity to join Order 2 Eat and enjoy the benefits of a customer friendly ordering platform.

We will provide you with world-class tools and technology to ensure your customers are able to order online hassle free with the highest security.

I hope you will find our website to be informative and we look forward to speaking to you soon.

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